Tuesday, June 9, 2009

B-A-T-H Photography

Odd Random Thought: Cassie says that if all cats have nine lives, then I must be on my third one. She says that in the life before this one I was a ferret because I am so long and squiggly. In the life before that, I was a leg model because my legs are so long.

So back when I first came inside, I got sent over to this place where they injected me with all these things and pulled this red stuff from me and gave me bad-tasting treats. Lily calls it the vet. Sometimes she calls it the "vee-ee-tee" when da Puma, a.k.a. my brother Locky, is around because Locky hates the vee-ee-tee. They also put me in this giant metal basin and I got all white and bubbly and I smelled really funny.

Then, in March, the beans went and did their own modified version of the giant metal basin in the big water room I'm not allowed in. There's lots of marvelous things in there that make water. My favorite is the one that makes water come down like rain.

These were from my first bath at the Cat Philanthropy house in the big water room. It's been a couple months now. The bean sent her digital camera away for fixing two months ago, but she forgot to take out the memory card, so these photos are from early April. The slowpoke Canon people finally sent her the card back and supposedly the camera's in the mail, but I don't trust them...

Yes, I do resemble a drowned rat. A little bit.
This was when they first put me in the water. I like to play with water - I don't like to be in water, so naturally I tried to make a grande escape.

Rinse, part 2...

Pre-soap-up, or, What are you going to do with that sprayer?

I heard Lily talking the other day to the mother bean and she says she thinks I'll need another bath soon...

I'm scoping out a few good hiding spots.

- Cocoa avec une Guimauve


  1. At least you are good for your bath! Hansel got one once when he was just a baby. He smelled like sick. He came from a shelter that had upper respiratory. He just stood there all confused. Tesla also got a bath- but she tries to jump and screams like you're killing her, and runs and runs and is crazy!

  2. We've never had a bath before...and from the look on your face, we don't want one ever either!

  3. I've had a couple of baths and hated each one! I hope you are able to avoid the next one!

  4. Poor Cocoa -- you're right! Cats were meant to play with water, not sit in it! You have lovely, large yellow eyes -- all the better to express your dismay!

  5. run cocoa run!!! baths are bad!!

  6. OH NO! Cocoa. Our vet tells our Mom that cats don't need baths too often cause it makes their skin dry and causes dandruff to get worse! We like out vet for that!

  7. Oh Cocoa, baths aren't thaaaat bad right?