Saturday, July 18, 2009

Suis-je belle, mes amies?

Lily taught me that for my post. It means "Am I beautiful, my friends?" in French and everyone is supposed to reply "Evidemment," which means, "Of course!" except there's supposed to be a little squiggle over the E that Lily calls the acute accent but we don't know how to do stuff like that on Blogger.

Lily thinks I'm belle enough to be entered into a contest. She's upset because she missed Mischa's Kitty Fight Club. (Oops - I probably should've have said that because the first rule of kitty fight club is not to talk about kitty fight club.)

The bean's been frantic because the internet people took away her internet and then just when they returned it to functioning order it stopped working again, only this time it's the little humming box that's tied to the computer and likes to blink at me. The cousinbean John offered his computer only it's not a Windows and she really really really really hates Linux, because, honestly, my bean does not know how to run a computer. The computer runs my bean.

So, if you've seen the picture, I must ask, "Suis-je belle, mes amies?" and remind mes amies that we chats make the world a more beau place. (Beau is the masculine form of belle - and we cats do make the world a more beautiful place!)

Au revoir avec tellement baisers!
(Goodbye with lots of kisses!)

Cocoa avec une Guimauve

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

B-A-T-H Photography

Odd Random Thought: Cassie says that if all cats have nine lives, then I must be on my third one. She says that in the life before this one I was a ferret because I am so long and squiggly. In the life before that, I was a leg model because my legs are so long.

So back when I first came inside, I got sent over to this place where they injected me with all these things and pulled this red stuff from me and gave me bad-tasting treats. Lily calls it the vet. Sometimes she calls it the "vee-ee-tee" when da Puma, a.k.a. my brother Locky, is around because Locky hates the vee-ee-tee. They also put me in this giant metal basin and I got all white and bubbly and I smelled really funny.

Then, in March, the beans went and did their own modified version of the giant metal basin in the big water room I'm not allowed in. There's lots of marvelous things in there that make water. My favorite is the one that makes water come down like rain.

These were from my first bath at the Cat Philanthropy house in the big water room. It's been a couple months now. The bean sent her digital camera away for fixing two months ago, but she forgot to take out the memory card, so these photos are from early April. The slowpoke Canon people finally sent her the card back and supposedly the camera's in the mail, but I don't trust them...

Yes, I do resemble a drowned rat. A little bit.
This was when they first put me in the water. I like to play with water - I don't like to be in water, so naturally I tried to make a grande escape.

Rinse, part 2...

Pre-soap-up, or, What are you going to do with that sprayer?

I heard Lily talking the other day to the mother bean and she says she thinks I'll need another bath soon...

I'm scoping out a few good hiding spots.

- Cocoa avec une Guimauve

Friday, June 5, 2009

House Rules

9 Rules at the Cat Philanthropy House:

1. Popping out of cardboard boxes when Lily's coming is not the way to earn extra scritches. It's the way to scare the heck out of her.

2. We do NOT eat styrofoam. Particularly if it's the styrofoam that encircled the package that needed to go back to Lands' End.

3. We do not jump up on the counter. Or the table. Lily says we're not completely sanitary. Hey, I lick all four paws before I even consider it!

4. We do not knock over our water bowl. Okay, okay, I shouldn't knock over my water bowl. Even if it makes a river across the kitchen floor that's fun to watch. It also made Lily slip and hit her head.

5. We do not jump on Lily's head because we want to play with her ponytail. It's another way to scare the heck out of her.

7. I should not antagonize D'Artagnan because I know he won't play with me. He says I'm too little and he doesn't want to hurt me. I just think he wants to stay Lily's favorite, though she claims she doesn't have one.

7. We do not tackle each other coming out of the litter box. It's not nice and makes the beans make that really scary noise by clapping her hands.

8. We do not nip the nice vet tech who gives us scritches and jerky chews while she does what she needs to do. My sister Buster has yet to learn this one.

9. We do not jump onto Lily's keyboard and make her type funny things like ",sa fh", "uuo U" and "e oioo uqhu". It's not nice, even if we are trying to communicate with the little leprechauns that Buster says live in the monitor.

Okay, so a few rules I do break once in a while, but overall I'm a pretty good girl.

Aren't I?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Three-Blog Household

Apparently, I'm not the only cat with a blog in the house.

Lily announced yesterday that, after much thought, she's giving Buster her own world domination blog.

Lily: Buster doesn't have her own world domination blog! It's Buster's humor blog!

Are you sure? 'Cause that last post sure did talk about world domination a lot! It was even called "When I Go Off To Rule The World"!

Avec tellement baisers (with lots of kisses),
Cocoa avec une Guimauve

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Own Blog!

So all my persistent nagging has finally paid off! Lily, my bean, gave me my own blog! None of my brothers nor my sister have their own blogs!

Here I am, Cocoa, and welcome to my blog, Cocoa Posts!

Cassie describes me as the perfect blogcat because of my superior intellect, my adoration for all cats (particularly Luxor), and my persnickety desire to make friends. She also says I'm a bit biased to cats who had a "hard-knocks" kittenhood like I did, but now I'm okay, aside from the fact the vet says I'll never reach adult cat-size because of malnutrition as a kitten. That's okay - plenty of cats have ruled their blogs pint-sized. And my whole paw can touch a key on the keyboard, so I don't have to scrunch up my paws to type!

So leave me a purr! I'm Cocoa with a Marshmallow!