Friday, June 5, 2009

House Rules

9 Rules at the Cat Philanthropy House:

1. Popping out of cardboard boxes when Lily's coming is not the way to earn extra scritches. It's the way to scare the heck out of her.

2. We do NOT eat styrofoam. Particularly if it's the styrofoam that encircled the package that needed to go back to Lands' End.

3. We do not jump up on the counter. Or the table. Lily says we're not completely sanitary. Hey, I lick all four paws before I even consider it!

4. We do not knock over our water bowl. Okay, okay, I shouldn't knock over my water bowl. Even if it makes a river across the kitchen floor that's fun to watch. It also made Lily slip and hit her head.

5. We do not jump on Lily's head because we want to play with her ponytail. It's another way to scare the heck out of her.

7. I should not antagonize D'Artagnan because I know he won't play with me. He says I'm too little and he doesn't want to hurt me. I just think he wants to stay Lily's favorite, though she claims she doesn't have one.

7. We do not tackle each other coming out of the litter box. It's not nice and makes the beans make that really scary noise by clapping her hands.

8. We do not nip the nice vet tech who gives us scritches and jerky chews while she does what she needs to do. My sister Buster has yet to learn this one.

9. We do not jump onto Lily's keyboard and make her type funny things like ",sa fh", "uuo U" and "e oioo uqhu". It's not nice, even if we are trying to communicate with the little leprechauns that Buster says live in the monitor.

Okay, so a few rules I do break once in a while, but overall I'm a pretty good girl.

Aren't I?


  1. We sayz dat rules iz made ta be broken, hehehe☺

  2. We think there should be no rules for cats....then there's nothing to break!

  3. Those are very good rules! It is hard not breaking rules! Like the one at our house: 'You will not play with the dangling light and fan chains' It is just so much fun that it is worth getting squirted!

  4. Hi Coco! Thought I would come by and say hello and welcome you to the neighborhood. I liked what I saw so I decided to follow you. Come on over to my place if you like and say hi.