Saturday, July 18, 2009

Suis-je belle, mes amies?

Lily taught me that for my post. It means "Am I beautiful, my friends?" in French and everyone is supposed to reply "Evidemment," which means, "Of course!" except there's supposed to be a little squiggle over the E that Lily calls the acute accent but we don't know how to do stuff like that on Blogger.

Lily thinks I'm belle enough to be entered into a contest. She's upset because she missed Mischa's Kitty Fight Club. (Oops - I probably should've have said that because the first rule of kitty fight club is not to talk about kitty fight club.)

The bean's been frantic because the internet people took away her internet and then just when they returned it to functioning order it stopped working again, only this time it's the little humming box that's tied to the computer and likes to blink at me. The cousinbean John offered his computer only it's not a Windows and she really really really really hates Linux, because, honestly, my bean does not know how to run a computer. The computer runs my bean.

So, if you've seen the picture, I must ask, "Suis-je belle, mes amies?" and remind mes amies that we chats make the world a more beau place. (Beau is the masculine form of belle - and we cats do make the world a more beautiful place!)

Au revoir avec tellement baisers!
(Goodbye with lots of kisses!)

Cocoa avec une Guimauve


  1. Evidemment! We are glad to see you back! WE have missed you!

  2. It is a good thing when someone returns to a place they like. The innernets can be a furry confusing place☺